Your Resolutions, Our Mission

With holiday shopping lists a thing of the past, now comes the list that really counts; the ambitious new year’s resolutions. Every year you want to eat better, declutter, stay in closer touch with loved ones, or be more environmentally responsible, and you make promises to yourself. Making resolutions is simply a way to attempt to behave your way to better habits and health. And lucky for you, your local Phoenix metal recycling facility, Davis Salvage, is an expert in helping people meet many of their new year’s goals.

Resolve to be more organized.

According to a survey posted by the Huffington Post, 84% of polled Americans say that they worry their home is not organized or clean enough. And 55% of this group reported this as a source of recent stress. A clean space is a happy space, and a cluttered space is one that can elicit stress, guilt, shame, and fatigue. This is why Davis Salvage is proud to help you declutter your home and work spaces. We take items that can otherwise be difficult to get rid of; old grills, metal playsets, wheels, air conditioners, aluminum ladders, filing cabinets, and more. Just think about what you could do with the space freed up by these clunky, unused items.

Resolve to be help the environment.

There’s a popular commercial slogan that encourages us to “do just one thing” to help better the environment. At our Scottsdale salvage yard, our “one thing” is a big one. We save tons of metal items from taking up landfill space by responsibly recycling them. Bringing us your unwanted metal items means less created waste, fewer natural resources used by making new metal materials, and less pollution generated by metal manufacturing. Plus, doing business with our family-owned and family-run business circulates money back into the local economy, strengthening our neighborhoods and community.

Resolve to be more fiscally responsible.

As in, why would you waste money by paying a trash company to haul away your unwanted items, and get nothing in return except knowing they’ll be sitting in a landfill for time eternal? At Davis, we take your Arizona metal recyclable items and pay you for being environmentally responsible. We buy recyclable metal of all kinds, including trampolines, water heaters, bed frames, cars or car parts, aluminum sheds, and much, much more, and you walk away with money in your pocket.

Resolve to improve your home.

Davis is the best choice for your Arizona metal supplier in part because we have an enormous supply of decorative metal, functional metal, and fencing. No matter your home renovation project, Davis Salvage can supply you with your needed metal materials at a competitive price and top-notch customer service.

We look forward to building a relationship with you as we help you excel in meeting your goals for 2020.

Give us a call and see firsthand how our 60 years of experience serving the Phoenix area can benefit you today, and for many “new years” to come.