When Tax Attacks – Visit Davis Salvage

Love it or hate it (let’s be real – no one except for your CPA really loves it), Tax Day is rapidly approaching. And even with the extra gimmie-day thanks to the convenient coincidence of the observation of the Washington DC Emancipation Day landing on April 16th, the deadline date to file your taxes is almost here. The good news is that no matter your Tax Day outcome (i.e.; writing checks or cashing them), Davis Salvage, your Phoenix auto salvage and metal supplier, can help.

Owe me, owe my

After all the deductions have been made, the figures entered, and the math checked (three times), you still owe money for taxes.  The downside?  It is a gigantic drag to kiss goodbye a sizable amount of money that, essentially, feels like it’s going nowhere. The silver lining? If you want to see it from the bright side, this is a good sign that you haven’t been getting too much withheld from your paychecks all year. Also, if you want to make yourself feel even better, consider the fact that you likely have a pile of money waiting for you in your own home. Consider your Phoenix salvage yard, Davis Salvage, your source for a secondary refund check.

You had refund-dreams, right? Your “if I get a refund I’m going to buy . . . “ list. Well, gather up all of the metal or aluminum items in your home and bring them to be recycled at Davis Salvage. The old filing cabinet with the stuck drawers, the appliance that’s about to kick the bucket, the mismatched assortment of wires and batteries in your garage, and even your kids’ outgrown and beat-up bikes or trampoline are all items that can lead to money in your pocket. The IRS may not be putting any money in your pocket this year, but Davis Salvage will be happy to.

Putting the fun in refund

Good for you – you’re one of the estimated 80% majority who will be getting a break this year in the form of a tax refund. And now starts your work of deciding just what to do with your little windfall. If you’re looking for what will give you bang for your buck, then you may want to think about undergoing a home remodeling project. After all, it’s no secret that the Arizona home market is booming. And if you’re considering selling your home, some updating and improvements should be on your shortlist of what to do. Small investments such as new cabinet or gate hardware, or larger investments such as new metal or iron fencing, can go far in helping the true value of your home to be realized by potential buyers. You can also consider updating your kitchen island or backsplash with metal sheeting. No matter your metal fancy, Davis Salvage has the modern metal designs you’re looking for.

And even if you’re not looking to sell your home, putting in some updated touches can go far with helping your living space be a comfortable and beautiful living space. 

Come spend your Tax Refund at Dais Salvage today, and get the best bang for your buck.