If you own an Arizona auto business, machine shop, HVAC company, plumbing company, or are a contractor, then we need to get better acquainted. Because not only are we the best Phoenix metal supplier, or the most helpful Scottsdale metal recycler, but we happen to offer the best customer service you can find for your metal supply needs.

Curious about how we can claim we are the best in Phoenix metal supply?

  • We handle it. And most the time of no charge to you. No matter the size, weight, or volume of your metal materials, we’ve got it covered. Whether your metal waste fits in a 55-gallon drum, or requires a roll-off dumpster, we have the necessary container for the job. Plus, we’ll take care of transporting your materials from your Phoenix-area site to our recycling facility; free of charge, and right when you need it.
  • We customize it. We know that when it comes to Arizona construction projects, “one size fits all” is a myth. And we also know that the last thing you want to do is waste money on buying too much of a certain material. That’s why we will happily cut any metal items to your needed specifications. We have a variety of cutting tools with experienced staff on-hand to get your needed cuts done quickly and professionally.  Phoenix metal cutting with a smile is one of our specialties.
  • We load it. When we say, “Can we help you out with that?” we mean it. Part of our business practice is to walk out with you and help you load your items. Whether it’s just a few pounds of material that fit in trunk of your car, or huge beams that need to be loaded by equipment into your truck bed, our great customer service doesn’t stop when you walk out the door.
  • We clean it up. You’ve known since you were a kid that the very worst part of any project is the clean-up. And in the construction field the hours you waste cleaning up is money lost. While we couldn’t help you with your Lego messes when you were 9, we can sure help you now. We will come to your jobsite, gather up any leftover metal scraps, and take them in for recycling.
  • We arrange it. And you thought curbside grocery pick-up was handy. Simply call ahead to our Phoenix salvage yard, place your order, and we’ll have your metal materials ready when you are.

Davis Salvage can not only provide all your Phoenix metal supply needs, but we do it with professionalism, care, and top-notch customer service. We know trade industries provide their share of difficulties. And we take pride in making sure your purchase and recycling of metal materials isn’t one of them.

Order what you need form the best Phoenix metal supply company today, call 602-267-7208. No job is too big or too small.