gardening help from your Phoenix metal supply center

October in Phoenix means a few things; temperatures are reaching bearable levels, you feel like spending time outside again, and you’ve probably got gardening on your mind. At your Phoenix metal supply center, we happen to have a few novel ideas to offer that you may want to use in this year’s garden that are sure to improve your outdoor living space.

Get eco-friendly.

Worm tubes, NOT to be confused with tube worms, could be the next addition to your composting efforts. Maybe you’ve tried the bin method, the heap method, and the trench method of composting, and are ready for something new. With worm tube composting, you simply visit your Arizona tubing supplier, Davis Salvage, and request a metal tube that’s 4-6 inches in diameter and 30 inches long. We recommend having a few 1/4 inch holes drilled towards the bottom of the pipe as well. Then, simply bury the pipe about 18 inches into the ground of your garden, throw some red wriggler worms in the mix, and start adding non-meat kitchen scraps into the pipe. The idea is that the red wrigglers will feast on your leftover food, thereby turning it into compost. Putting a flower pot over the top of the pipe ensures that other critters won’t enjoy the buffet as well.  It’s worth mentioning that while many choose PVC pipes for their worm tubes, metal is a much safer choice, as it does not pose the risk of the PVC chemicals leaching into your garden.

Get edgy.

Aluminum, copper, or stainless steel yard edging and retaining walls are becoming increasingly popular as consumers seek out durable and classic-looking options for their garden areas. As your Phoenix metal sheeting supplier, we specialize in helping you find the exact material you’re seeking in the “just right” dimensions to fit your yard. Whether you want matte or shiny, copper or silver, we have a plethora of ideas and options to fit your garden needs. And unlike plastic options, metal edging won’t break down or crack, despite the harsh Arizona sun rays, and its appearance will only improve with age.

Get creative.

Whether you want to create a railing out of metal tubing, an artsy bench out of corrugated metal sheeting, or a sophisticated decoration for the fence or outdoor wall, Davis Salvage your Phoenix metal supply center has an impressively large selection of any form of metal you can imagine, including decorative metal items. Come browse our Phoenix metal selection and see what gets your creativity brewing.

While the rest of the country starts bundling up and staying indoors, Arizona residents get to start enjoying several months of sunny outdoor living. Make the most of your garden and yard space with the timeless yet modern look of metal.

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