Top 3 Ways Your Construction Business Will Look Different Now . . . and Maybe Forever

As states slowly begin to open up again after weeks of closure due to COVID-19, you might be wondering if your Arizona construction or welding business will ever return to how it looked pre-pandemic. While the future is looking bright for Phoenix construction and metal goods production, industries across the board have taken a financial hit. Metal-based industries might not return to “normal” anytime soon, but if you’re ready for some predicted changes, your chance at post-COVID success can only grow.

1. Expect some delays

With social distancing guidelines in place almost everywhere, it’s only natural that response times, order fulfillment, and project completion are just simply going to take longer. Fewer people allowed on jobsites or in warehouses means fewer hands on the job at a time. Communicating the reality of increased job timelines to customers won’t be easy, but it will likely be necessary. However, while this delay in service time might be an unfortunate trend for most companies, Davis Metals and Salvage customers can enjoy timely and expedited metal supply. Since we’ve recently increased our number of trucks and staff members, you can expect service turnaround times that meet or exceed your needs.

2. Expect lasting cleanliness standards

The wearing of masks and gloves isn’t going away anytime soon, nor are scrupulously-high expectations from customers. As you can anticipate companies you work with to exercise strict sanitation policies, the same will be expected of you. Extra hand-washing stations and social distancing guidelines can help some employees feel comfortable coming back to work, but be prepared for other staff to feel leery about returning for months to come.

3. Expect distance

Just because you might be ready and raring to go in “back to normal” fashion, your customers and suppliers have possibly grown fond of conducting business virtually. You can expect reluctance from some clients to move toward in-person shopping, so be sure that you remain accessible and viable online – answering questions, taking orders, and scheduling jobs. Be prepared for property inspections and meetings to remain in a virtual format when possible.

While we may not see “back to normal” for years, you can enjoy this period of “back to business.” At Davis Metals, we take the health and safety of you, your family, and your employees very seriously. And, at the same time, we know that you and your staff need to be working and productive.

We can support you in these concerns as we continue to conduct business with clean and safe standards in place. Our drivers are ready to deliver, our metal supply shop is stocked and ready for purchases, and our metal weighing and recycling program is ready to take your metal waste. We look forward to seeing you soon as you get “back to business” in a safe and successful way.