If you have worked in the Phoenix welding business for any significant length of time, perhaps you’ve noticed some changes in industry trends. Welding of the past was a slower, more personal, and more dangerous craft. Today’s welding, with recent innovations in technology and improved equipment quality, is a rapidly evolving field. And in case your metal manufacturing business can use a little refresher on some recent developments in the welding field, read below for a few standout industry advancements.

A.I. reigns. Artificial intelligence, that is. It is projected that by 2021, 3.8 million operational industry robots will be in use. And in the welding industry alone, an astounding 5.96 billion robots are expected to be in use by 2023, according to the International Federation of Robotics. In fact, the robotic welding market around the world is seeing an impressive Compound Annual Growth Rate of 8.19%.

Transportation is having its heyday. Thanks in part to the rising popularity of electric cars, and also a general increase in demand for vehicles, the transportation and automotive industry is where welding is projected to see especially high growth from now through 2023. And while we can expect to witness some of this development locally, much of the growth surplus will originate in Asia.

Quality is key. With the booming construction industry in the Phoenix area, the quality and soundness of your metal supply is more important than ever. Competition in the construction industry is high, and you don’t want to get beat out by another company because you used lower quality metal. Davis Metals and Salvage, your Arizona metal supply source, takes pride in offering only the highest quality of steel, iron, aluminum, and more. Davis Metals offers a huge supply of different forms and varieties of the metals you’re looking for. No matter your welding needs or project size for metals in Scottsdale, Davis Metals and Salvage can meet your needs with supreme quality metals.

VR – it’s not just for video games anymore. Virtual Reality is expanding beyond the gaming realm and into the welding industry. In welding instruction classrooms, VR technology lets students visually experience “hands-on” welding practice, minus the need for tools and materials, and without the inherent risk for injury. In product development, engineers are able to virtually try out concepts and project ideas without wasting money on real-life prototypes.

Worker shortage. Even as construction is on the rise nationally, skilled welders are experiencing a population decline. While increases in automation does lessen the need for workers overall, there are many aspects of welding that continue to require skilled laborers. However, with increased levels of worker safety and digital improvements, the welding industry will begin to attract a new young generation of skilled workers.

Throughout the ever-changing climate of the welding industry, Davis Metals and Salvage remains steady with high-quality metals in Phoenix, stellar personalized customer service, and the wide range of products you’re looking for. Welding in Arizona is a promising, growing field, and Davis Metals will be serving you for the decades to come.