It’s no secret that home maintenance is important. But do you know just how important keeping on top of your home maintenance tasks really is? In his book “Your Money: The Missing Manual” JD Roth estimates that every $1 you spend on home maintenance saves $100 on repairs. And while you might not be eager to brave the 100-degree July temperatures for some roof repair or adobe replacement, summer is a perfect time to turn your attention to your appliances.

Appliance maintenance is an important part of home care, and it’s crucial to know when it’s time to repair or replace any ill-performing machines.

Below are some tips on how to what your next step should be:

  • For your stove, keep in mind that the average lifespan is approximately 13 years. Some issues, like a malfunctioning heating element, warrant a simple repair. Other issues, such as a faulty control panel, may be too expensive to justify a repair.
  • Your refrigerator and freezer are among the most important of your appliances, as they run 24/7 and their demise can cost you hundreds of dollars in spoiled food. Plus, if not working efficiently they can end up costing you extra money to run.  If you notice condensation inside or outside, a simple seal replacement may suffice. However, if you notice your fridge or freezer producing erratically-cooling areas (frosting, warmer spots), or if you can hear it running, or if the motor feels hot to the touch, a replacement may be in order. A good rule of thumb is if these appliances are older than 5 to 7 years, a replacement may be the smartest step. 
  • When considering your dishwasher, it’s good to know that their life-expectancy is 9-15 years. If your dishwasher is leaking water or if the control panel is malfunctioning a replacement might be necessary. Other signs a replacement is needed include water remaining inside, or if your dishes aren’t hot after the cycle is complete, or if your dishes aren’t getting clean. 

With all appliances, it’s helpful to remember the 50/50 rule, which says that if an appliance is 50% through its life cycle, and the cost or repair is over 50% of the cost of a new appliance, it’s worth the investment to purchase a new one.

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