With landfills filling at alarming rates and our planet’s natural resources being continuously depleted, Davis Metals and Salvage is proud to be part of a solution towards a recycling movement that matters.

And just like you, we’re thinking about all things holiday this time of year. So with gifts and gifting in mind, we wanted to highlight a few superstars of the metal industry – those “gifts that keep giving”; the metals that lend themselves to being recycled again and again.


One of the most widely-recycled metals in the world, steel can be recycled repeatedly without ever losing its strength or quality. In fact, when you purchase “new” steel, it’s always at least partially recycled. Recycling steel conserves precious natural resources such as limestone, coal, and iron ore. Despite the facts that make recycling steel a no-brainer, it can be difficult to find companies who recycle steel responsibly and properly. Davis is ready to be your Phoenix steel recycling source, so you feel confident that it’s getting done right.


Nearly 75% of all the aluminum that was ever produced is still in use today. How’s that for a never-ending gift? It’s especially impressive when you compare it to plastic, which boasts a paltry 9% recycle rate. Also, recycling aluminum saves 90% of the energy it takes to produce new aluminum. Davis Metals continues to be your Phoenix aluminum recycling hub, accepting aluminum in any form including ladders, siding, cans, sheds, and more.


Civilizations have enjoyed the durable and useful properties of copper for nearly 10,000 years, and much of the copper mined centuries ago is still in use today thanks to copper recycling efforts. In fact, the amount of copper recycled each year matches the amount that is mined. This is good news for our planet, considering that recycling copper uses an impressively low 10-15% of the energy it takes to mine new copper. Not to mention that mining new copper depletes the earth’s supply of fossil fuels, and disposing of copper only serves to unnecessarily fill landfills. Plus, the process of mining and refining new copper creates toxic waste that is released into the water system and air. Recycling copper simply makes sense. Davis Metals and Salvage will accept your copper wire and other copper pieces, so you can feel good about doing your part to help the environment.


You may not run across this metal in its pure form as often as the others, but it is prevalent in our society in the form of car batteries. The fact that Davis Salvage is at the forefront of Arizona vehicle battery recycling is a great source of pride for us. When disposed of incorrectly, batteries have the potential to do major damage to the soil and water near the disposal site. The lead poisoning that can occur from improper disposal can cause human birth defects, fertility issues, and cognitive impairment.

As we embark on this holiday season, we appreciate you keeping us in mind for the safe, eco-friendly recycling of metals. Our staff is on site and ready to assist you with your Phoenix metal recycling needs. We are excited to serve you, and it is our gift to you, and our environment, to take care of our earth in this way.