To Buy or Not to Buy – That is the Parents’ Question

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To Buy or Not to Buy – That is the Parents’ Question

If you’ve got a teenager in the home, then you’re no stranger to car-haggling. There are constant discussions regarding who needs the vehicle, whose need is greater, and how long until the car needs to be returned. Because of this, perhaps you’re wondering whether it’s time to purchase another car. After all, if everyone has their own, then there’ll be no squabbles, right? And, obviously, your teenager is eager for one of their own. So what’s the right thing to do? Well, to help you sort it out, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 things to consider when thinking about buying a car for your teenager. Is it a necessity? Can you afford it? What about talking to your Phoenix Vehicle Recycling Center? Is your teen willing to meet you half way? or the biggest question, Are you ready for this?

Is it a necessity?

Ask yourself whether this car is needed, or simply wanted. If you’re spending a significant amount of time driving your teen to and from school, activities, a job, and volunteer obligations, the case for a car is pretty strong. Conversely, if your kiddo can ride a bike to school, and wants a car primarily for cruising around with friends, maybe a car isn’t so crucial.

Can you afford it? 

While this question might seem like a no-brainer, it’s worth mentioning. Even used cars can be surprisingly pricey. Plus, insurance for young drivers can be expensive. In fact, the most expensive group of drivers to insure are young males under the age of 25. Unfair as it may seem, insurance companies figure that teens and young adults are more likely to commit traffic violations, get in accidents, and get tickets. 

With this in mind, if you’ve got an old beater that you’re considering fixing up for your teenager in an effort to save money, instead consider that our Phoenix scrapyard can be your ideal Phoenix vehicle recycling source. Bringing in your old vehicle to Davis Salvage is a win-win situation. Not only does it get a potentially damaged, aged vehicle, possibly with outdated safety features, off your property; it also puts money in your pocket that you can put towards a newer, safer ride.

Are they willing to meet you halfway? 

Even if your kid doesn’t have a paying job, and therefore can’t contribute towards the cost of a car, consider holding him or her responsible for a weekly “payment” in the form of chores. Some parents also adhere to a “B’s for Keys” rule, where their teenager has to maintain A’s and B’s in all their classes in exchange for the privilege of driving. 

If he or she does hold a job, putting forth some of those table-bussing wages can help secure the car as an object of value in their eyes. Perhaps they pay for gas and you spring for insurance. Or they pay a flat $100 per month for use of the car. Think of an agreement that works for both of you.

Are YOU ready?

Not just whether you can get past the “oh my gosh my baby is getting so old” sentiments, but are you ready to give that responsibility to your child? Make sure you’ve thought through curfew, boundaries (is he allowed to drive downtown? What about to Flagstaff?), car cleanliness rules, how many friends she’s allowed to drive, and so on. Also, you’ve got a lot of car know-how to dispense, such as the changing of wiper blades, which kind of gas to use, where and how you check the oil level, and when you need to take the car in to get repaired or checked.

As your Phoenix vehicle recycling source, we know that providing a car for your child is a heavy decision for a number of reasons. Let us help you lighten your financial load by paying you cash for bringing in any unwanted metal items. With the financial stress off your plate, you can focus on trying to not dwell on how fast they’re growing up.

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