Spring Cleaning & Scrap Metal Recycling

Spring weather is in full swing here in Arizona! This special season brings MLB spring training, warmer weather and let’s not forget the classic activity of spring cleaning! As you compile your spring cleaning list, don’t forget the benefit of scrap metal recycling. Decluttering is such a necessary task for both families and businesses. Here are top ways to take advantage of scrap metal recycling this spring to make some extra cash!

Yard Sales & Craigslist

Keep in mind that many families don’t fully understand the value of scrap metal recycling. This means you can find hidden treasures in local yard sales and even listed on craigslist. Here are some items to look out for: old household appliances, car parts, bicycles, metal fencing and bed frames! People often give these items away for free or sell at a very cheap price. We buy these items and you can make cash by recycling. It’s a win-win situation.

Home Renovation

Looking to make some modern updates around your home? Perhaps you’re looking into getting new furniture or appliances. If that old desk our couch looks unsellable, find out what material it is made out of! Oftentimes, the materials are made out of iron and can be recycled for cash! Are you tearing down some walls or doing a complete kitchen remodel? Make sure you are collecting all of the unusable scrap as construction progresses. You will be surprised at the scrap metal you can collect.

Backyard Overhaul

Wanting to get rid of your old BBQ set or worn out lawn tools? Before you take them to the dump, take them to a salvage yard! Davis Salvage collects steel, copper, brass, iron, aluminum products and more! Maybe you have a broken trampoline or old car that has been taking up space in the backyard. All of these forgotten materials have the possibility to be recycled for cash. Create a backyard that you can enjoy by removing the junk.

As always, make sure to contact the professionals at Davis Salvage, Co. We can give you up to date pricing on materials and guide you in the scrap metal recycling process. Put some extra cash in your pocket this spring! With so many fun activities happening around the valley, extra cash can go a long way.