Phoenix Vehicle Recycling Center Buys Junk Cars

Phoenix Scrap Metal & Junk Car Recycling

That old car sitting in your garage or driveway has a negative Blue Book value, is taking up space, probably making a mess, and it may even create a safety issue for your home or neighborhood.

Well get rid of the junk car and get some cash!

You’re not using the car and it’s only going to get older. Why not let Davis Salvage your Phoenix Scrap Metal Recycling Center pay you top dollar for it and then we can recycle the parts.

Advantages of selling your Junk Car to Davis Salvage:

  • We’ll buy your car or truck even if it doesn’t run
  • Call us today and we’ll get back to you with a top-dollar offer
  • Our Phoenix Scrap Metal Recycling is open Monday through Saturday
  • Davis Salvage scraps hundreds of cars per year

Call Davis Salvage today, at 602-267-7208, to turn your junk car into cash!