Stainless Steel Solid Inventory

At Davis Salvage we offer a wide range of materials. Here is a list of common Stainless Steel Sheet sizes for sale.

1"Round Solid64.12812
1.5"Round Solid865.4412
1.25"Round Solid400.3212
1/2"Round Solid96.19212
1/4"Round Solid68.13612
1/8"Round Solid13.10412
3/16"Round Solid8112
3/4"Round Solid108.14412
3/8"Round Solid36.09612
5/16"Round Solid46.812
5/8"Round Solid750.9612
7/8"Round Solid115.512
1"SQ Solid012
1/2"SQ Solid012
1/4"SQ Solid012
3/4"SQ Solid012
3/8"SQ Solid012
5/16"SQ Solid012
5/8"SQ Solid012