Since it’s close to New Year’s Day, chances are your email inbox and social media feeds are awash in “new year, new you” ads for diet plans, gyms, and supplies to keep your home organized. And as you prepare your list of New Year’s resolutions, Davis Metals and Salvage wants to add our voice to those promising you a better and healthier new year.

Below, we list the top 5 ways Davis Metals and Salvage can help you in 2021.

  • We aim to give, not take

    We don’t charge a membership fee. We don’t demand minimum orders. Instead, we want to pay you to bring in your Phoenix metal recycling items. As your holiday bills start coming in, let Davis Metals and Salvage ease some of your financial strain. Simply bring in your metals, and walk away with money in your pocket.

  • Buying with us helps strengthen your community

    As a family business that is over 5 decades old, our community roots run deep in the Sun Valley area. When you order your Scottsdale steel, copper, and aluminum through Davis Metals, you’re supporting a community business, therefore allowing us to in turn support small and local businesses. Purchasing with Davis helps keep our local commerce strong.

  • We help you clean up and clean out

    News flash – you’re never using that dented filing cabinet again. Ditto that old charcoal grill. And that rickety metal ladder? No way. You’ve probably never heard someone complain that they have too little junk lying around, or that their shed or garage are too empty. You will feel so accomplished once you round up the unused metal items from around your worksite, office, or home and bring them to us.

  • We’re eco-friendly

    Landfills are growing quickly enough as it is – they don’t need metal items added in. If you’re making the wise choice to lessen your carbon footprint and make more eco-friendly choices in 2021, Davis Metals and Salvage will help you to do just that. We take many hard-to-dispose-of metal items and recycle them in a responsible manner. Recycling metals utilizes less energy and impacts the earth’s natural resources significantly less than does mining/extracting virgin metals.

  • We can save you time

    If your Phoenix construction business is generating a large amount of metal debris, or if your home is undergoing a renovation and you’ve got metal waste that needs to be disposed of, our roll-away dumpsters make the process easy and simple for you. We drop off and pick up dumpsters when it’s convenient for you, saving you the effort of transporting it yourself. Our roll-away dumpsters are clean, modern, and can come in the size that is exactly right for your needs.

It just makes sense to use Davis Metals and Salvage for your Phoenix metal supply needs, and for your Arizona metal recycling. Your convenience is our goal, and we encourage you to call us to talk about all the ways we can help you in 2021, and beyond.