If you’ve had your eye on a new car but haven’t yet taken the plunge, right now might be the perfect time. According to bankrate.com, October, November, and December are the best months to purchase a car. Why is this? Auto dealerships often have monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales goals to meet. And if you time your shopping to coincide with overlapping sale periods, you could walk away with hefty savings.  

Curious about other car-buying tips and trends? Read on for more:

  • It works for toys, clothes, and even groceries, so why not vehicles? The popularity of online car shopping continues to rise, as the majority of millennials (56%) report disliking walking into a car dealership, and 54% report that they would be in favor of buying a car online. Millennials aren’t alone in their dislike for car dealerships, as a whopping 87% of Americans report feeling unfavorably towards some part of car dealership shopping.
  • Even if a car is purchased in person, most car shoppers rely on the internet for various aspects of car buying such as price comparison, vehicle research, find actual vehicles for sale, and locating dealerships.  Savvy shoppers read online reviews, check safety reports, and scope out available features and add-ons.
  • Recycling rules. As people everywhere continue to despair over the earth’s dwindling natural resources and growing landfill, it only makes sense that vehicle recycling continues to be a sought-after method of disposing of an unwanted car. Especially if your car is not running or needs to be repaired, recycling is the most beneficial option for you and for the environment. At Davis Salvage, we are proud to be your solution for Phoenix vehicle recycling. We pay top dollar for your car, truck, motorcycle, or SUV, and ensure all vehicle parts are responsibly recycled, repurposed, or disposed of. You get to have the peace of mind of responsible vehicle disposal plus the satisfaction of walking away with money in your pocket.  
  • To maximize your savings even more, shop early in the week. Shopping on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, when dealerships are typically less busy, means that you’ll likely have more leverage for wheeling and dealing. Monday is statistically the slowest day of the week for vehicle shopping, so if you stop in to shop on this day you might be rewarded with a more motivated salesperson, as well as more one-on-one contact with him or her.   

Shopping for a car can be a daunting task, often spanning many weeks. Smart shoppers know that the more armed they are with information, statistics, and product knowledge, the better off their purchasing power will be. And within that valuable knowledge, knowing about Arizona vehicle recycling at Davis Salvage tops the list. You no longer need to despair over the junky car that has turned into the eyesore of your neighborhood. Simply bring it in and we take it off your hands, paying you in the process.

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