Pondering the Pandemic Pandemonium, Poolside

If you ask people from other states around the country to list the things they’ve missed most in the summer of 2020, chances are “swimming pools” will top the lists. With public pools off-limits, many Americans had to forgo this favorite pastime. Enter Arizona, where goggles are as common as eyeglasses, and the scent of chlorine wafts down nearly every neighborhood street. While the rest of the world pines away for floaties and rafts, many Sun Valley families have the ability to enjoy the cool serenity of their very own pool. And as we enter the blissful post-100-degree phase of the year when it once again becomes pleasurable to play and swim outside, you may want to examine the condition of your own pool and make some upgrades.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas:

The Pool fencing

It’s easy to ignore the busted or rusting railings on the fence around your pool, but not fixing fencing issues can be dangerous. Whether you’re looking to replace a few bars, or else entire sections of fencing, Davis Metals carries everything you need. We have an impressive selection of fencing options in a variety of metals, including all degrees of basic to ornamental. The safety of your pool area is of utmost importance, and we make it easy for you to get what you need.

The railings

No one likes to hoist themselves out of a pool using wobbly or rusted railings, and maybe it’s time to replace yours. Or, perhaps you’d like to install an additional stability bar or handrail in your pool area. Davis Metals carries pipes and tubing in several high-quality metal options. Plus, our custom-cut service on all our metals opens the door for you to get creative with your railing shape and style.

The gate hardware

When was the last time you paid attention to the condition of your gate hinges, door hinges, or gate latches? Have they become rusted or dingy over the years? Whether for safety reasons or purely cosmetic, you’ll be amazed at how the look and feel of fresh metal hardware in your outdoor living space can brighten the area. You’ll love not having to fight a stubborn latch, a sticky lock, or rusty hinges. And you’ll feel great knowing that your gates are as safe as they can be with sturdy, high-quality metals from Davis Metals and Salvage.

At Davis, we are proud to be your source for Phoenix metal hardware, Phoenix Pool fencing, and Phoenix railings. And as Arizonans prepare to enjoy a long season of social-distancing swimming, Davis Metals and Salvage continues to expand and alter our line of metal goods to best meet your needs. Come on in to our Arizona metal supply and explore what we have to offer, and talk to our metal experts on staff with any questions, or to get advice.