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Options for Disposing of Your Vehicle

The dreaded day has arrived. Your beloved four-wheeled member of the family, affectionately named “Beulah” by your 8 year-old, has finally sputtered her last sputter. No more will her power steering fluid grace the cement of your driveway. No longer will you feel her old-age vibrations at speeds over 45 miles per hour. And now options abound for how to dispose of your old vehicle. Which one is the best for your well-loved grocery-getter? We’ve taken the liberty of looking at the most popular options for vehicle disposal, and the pros and cons of each.

Should you sell the car to a private party?

Even if your car is not running, it’s still possible to sell it by posting an ad on an online community buy/sell website. If you’re not familiar with these, think of them like giant virtual garage sales that can be an efficient way to find what you need and to get rid of what you don’t. A benefit of going this route is that you’re in control of who you sell to and how much you get for it. However, this process can be difficult as well, because there are no guarantees that you’ll find a buyer in a timely manner, OR that said buyer will agree to your purchase price.

Bottom line: Having control over the sale is nice, but you might be looking at Beulah for a lot longer than you’d like to.

Should you donate the car to a charity?

Many charities will accept vehicle donations and give you a receipt for a tax write-off in return. This is a nice option for folks who want to support their favorite causes without having to write a check. Warm fuzzy feelings aside, the benefits of this method include a relatively quick turnaround time, and a nice kickback come tax season. This can get tricky, however, as different states have different rules about car donations, and the forms that need to be filled out for tax purposes, and also how to transfer a title. And if your car is worth more than $5000 you may need to get it appraised.

Bottom line: Car karma is pretty great, as is a little break on April 15th, but you need to decide if it’s worth the research and effort.

Should you bring your car to our Phoenix scrapyard?

Not only is this process among the simplest and quickest of methods, but you’ll be able to walk away with money in your pocket. Which is especially helpful if you’re going to be adding a new vehicle to your family. The act of recycling your vehicle with us allows Beloved Beulah to get a new life as recycled metal, and ensures that her rusted glory will not end up in a landfill. This option does require you bring the vehicle in, but once you do, the rest of the process is taken care of by us.

Bottom line: Money for you, a gift to the environment, and less headache all around.

Aren’t you ready to get your non-working vehicle off of your property? Let us know if you have a car, truck, or other vehicle that needs to be recycled.

Contact our Phoenix scrapyard at (602) 267-7208, we’re happy to answer any questions, and to turn your family ride into cash for YOU.

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