Open Your Door to Metal Decor

Have you noticed the multitude of trends and hobbies emerging from the pandemic? It seems that adults, when given enough time at home with few other distractions, will search out new past-times in droves. And while we appreciate sourdough breadmaking and knitting as much as anyone, the trends that we’re the most partial to are of the DIY home project variety. 

Have you wanted to start a metal-based home project but are turned off by crowded big box hardware stores with long lines, and many materials being out of stock? Let Davis Metals be your Phoenix home remodel metal supplier. We pride ourselves on offering personalized customer service, an ample supply of all the metal materials you need, and much shorter waiting times. With decades of experience with metal projects in Arizona, we can give you ideas, answer questions, and make sure your DIY metal project uses the best quality metal available.

Need some project inspiration?  Here are a few of our favorite Phoenix DIY metal projects:

Unique wall art

Put a new spin on the “Faith, Hope, and Love” signs that adorn many household walls by welding or adhering together pieces of functional and ornamental metals. The ornamental metal supply at Davis Metals and Salvage will surprise you with the variety and beauty you’ll find. Plus, we can cut the size and angle of our metal rods, sheets, and tubes that you need for your project.

A trellis for your growing garden

Perhaps you’ve been rediscovering your green thumb over the last several months. If so, you’ll soon realize that a stylish trellis is just what you need for your vining veggies. Whether you want to go traditional or fancy, large or small, we have the metal tubing, bars, and spindles you need for you to custom-create the trellis that is just-right for your tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers.

A cozy firepit

If your home firepit could use an update, consider utilizing Davis Metals sheet metal. We have beautiful copper sheets, steel plates and sheets, and aluminum plates to help you achieve the look you want. As always, we’re happy to cut our sheets and plates to the size you need. Find some great ideas by clicking here.

Metal-covered cabinets or walls

It may sound odd, but some homeowners favoring an industrial look are turning to matte or semimatte sheet metal to cover their kitchen cabinets. It’s stylish, durable, and can provide lots of additional space to post important papers or reminders with magnets. Paired with a dark wood frame and chic cabinet door pulls, you’ll fall in love with this hip spin to your kitchen space. And the same goes for walls and backsplashes. A square or two of sheet metal in the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom can serve as a bright, fresh focal point.   

If you’re new to DIY metal projects, we encourage you to come check out our metal supply, and see what fits your tastes. The experts and Davis Metals can help you turn your living space into a stylish abode that you’ll love coming home to.