Oh, the Irony

Iron might not be the first metal that comes to mind when you think about Phoenix metal supply and Phoenix metal recycling. But, given that iron makes up around ninety percent of all metal that is refined today, it deserves your consideration. While much of iron is transformed into steel or other alloys, iron in its pure form is a valuable and useful metal for construction or décor.

Angle iron, for example, is a versatile material option for many construction projects. Its 90-degree shape makes it virtually unbendable and able to bear heavy loads. And, unlike with most materials that boast great strength, you don’t have to sacrifice transportability; angle iron is relatively lightweight, stacks well, and is compact. Not only is it affordable for its high durability, it’s often a suitable lower-cost substitute for more expensive construction counterparts like aluminum or wood. Davis Metals is proud to offer a great selection of Arizona angle iron at a price to meet your budget. And, keeping with our commitment to recycling and reusing, we love that angle iron is easily melted, purified, and made into new iron or steel products.

In regards to Arizona iron décor and Arizona ornamental iron supply, customers all throughout the Phoenix area are taking advantage of the expansive selection of ornamental iron at Davis Metals and Salvage. We stock over 4,500 ornamental metal products, including an impressive assortment of iron castings.

With design options ranging from botanicals to animals to geometric designs, the iron castings at Davis Metals allow you to add your own personal flair to your iron gate, iron door, or iron window bars. Whether you’re looking to bolster the beauty and security of your doors or windows, or are just searching for a fresh new look for your home, you’ll be inspired and thrilled by the Phoenix iron castings you find at Davis Metals and Salvage.

You’ll also appreciate the great selection of iron balusters, latches, hinges, and gates we carry. If you are considering updating your current iron fence, or making the switch to an iron fence for your Arizona home or business, come to us! With over 66 years in the metal industry, our caring staff can answer any questions you have, and can help you choose the iron fencing material that is right for you. And don’t forget that Davis will gladly accept and recycle any iron scrap metal you have. Iron is a wonderful and precious limited resource, and we’re proud to process and recycle iron responsibly. When you bring your unwanted iron metal material to us, you walk away with cash in hand, knowing you’re doing your part to conserve the earth’s resources.

Davis Metals and Salvage is here for you and your iron metal needs. Come by for a safe, distanced, and inspiring browsing experience – we know you’ll be glad you did.