Making a list and checking it twice…Your Davis Salvage To-Dos

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Making a list and checking it twice? Or rather; many, many lists that have been rechecked, revamped, revised, and lengthened? ‘Tis the season. And if a visit to Davis Salvage hasn’t scored a spot in your holiday to-dos yet, we have a few reasons for why it


It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like… time to visit your Phoenix metal recycling center

You know what season it is? We’re not talking Holiday Season or Shopping Season – it’s Guest Season, of course. Wash the good towels, make up the extra beds, and stock the fridge with snacks, because they’re coming. Living in perpetually-sunny Arizona means that we get to


Visit your Phoenix metal supply center to improve your Outdoor Living Space

gardening help from your Phoenix metal supply center

October in Phoenix means a few things; temperatures are reaching bearable levels, you feel like spending time outside again, and you’ve probably got gardening on your mind. At your Phoenix metal supply center, we happen to have a few novel ideas to offer that you may want


It’s Getting Hot in Here – Visit your Phoenix Metal Recycling Center

If there’s one thing you know about summertime in Phoenix, it’s that an effective air conditioner and quality windows are must-haves. If either one is poorly-functioning, you’ll have increased electric bills, a less-cool house, and an unhappier household. And unfortunately, it’s possible that either your windows or


To Buy or Not to Buy – That is the Parents’ Question

Phoenix Vehicle Recycling

To Buy or Not to Buy – That is the Parents’ Question If you’ve got a teenager in the home, then you’re no stranger to car-haggling. There are constant discussions regarding who needs the vehicle, whose need is greater, and how long until the car needs to


Your Business = Our Business – Roll-off Containers in Phoenix

roll off containers in phoenix

If you haven’t noticed, the Phoenix construction industry is on the rise. The construction zones along the roadways and the new housing developments are an indication of a thriving and growing city. In fact, The Daily Courier reported that Arizona has seen an 8.8% increase in construction