If you liked what Arizona had to offer in 2018 for the construction industry, then get ready to enjoy more of the same this year, says Arizona State University. At the university’s Economic Forecast Luncheon held in November 2018, the forecast was sunny for our state’s economic growth, population growth, and employment rate. Specifically, Arizona is forecasted to gain around 100,000 residents and enjoy a 2.5% economic growth. Even more exciting, our unemployment rate is set to fall to around 3.9% by the end of 2019. And if you’re in the Phoenix construction business, these predictions could make for a busy and profitable 2019.

As your business ramps up, consider Phoenix metal supplier Davis Salvage for your metal needs. The start of a new year might be the perfect opportunity to start fresh with a new Arizona metal supplier. And here’s why Davis Salvage would be a perfect choice for your business:

  • Davis is a family-owned business, and in a world that seems to be getting less and less personal, we take pride in getting to know you and building a relationship so we can serve you best. We encourage our current and potential customers to pay us a visit so you can meet our knowledgeable staff face-to-face, and see first-hand the expanse and variety of the products and services we offer. Seeing is believing, and you’ll be amazed what our scrapyard holds.
  • And on that note, for your Phoenix construction metal needs, Davis is your answer. Does your construction business deal in copper, steel, stainless steel, and/or aluminum metals? Do you often need to order sheets, pipes, bars, tubes, channels, or beams for your projects? We offer a surprisingly wide variety of a vast array of metal materials. A phone call or visit to our Phoenix construction metal supplier will convince you that a move to Davis is a smart move.
  • We can handle the haul-away, too. With construction jobs, creating waste is inevitable. Davis offers Phoenix haul-away services that utilize a variety of dumpster sizes. Whether your job is large or small, not only do we offer Arizona dumpster rentals and take care of the delivery and removal, but we’ll then recycle what we can. Our Phoenix roll-off services offer stellar and timely service, while giving you a peace of mind, knowing that we’re helping to lessen any negative environmental impact.
  • Speaking of recycling, Davis can lessen the financial impact of your construction projects, too. Bring in your metal waste, and our Phoenix metal recycling services can let you walk away with money in your pocket. We recycle nearly any metal product, including window frames, small appliances, metal construction materials, water meters, and much, much more. 

Davis Salvage can help your construction business meet your New Year’s resolutions. Give us a call or come by for a visit. We’ll be happy to discuss with you your business goals and needs, and start a new, successful relationship that can help you keep up with the construction and population growth in store for Arizona in 2019.