At Davis Salvage, April is one of our favorite months. Not only is the Phoenix weather phenomenal, but in the spirit of Earth Day people often develop a renewed appreciation for what we’re passionate about every day: recycling.

As natural resources become increasingly more limited, the importance of recycling as much and as frequently as we can continues to grow. And while the benefits of recycling paper, plastic, aluminum cans, and glass are relatively well-known, you may need a little refresher on how important it is to recycle metals, appliances, and large batteries.

  • Metals, when created from raw materials, use a vast amount of water and create a high level of damaging carbon emissions. Recycling metal for reuse leads to a much lower use of natural resources, and creates significantly less environmental pollution. Plus, using recycled metal uses 97% less mining waste, and “may cut greenhouse gas emissions by 300 million to 500 million tons” says the Institute of Scrap Metal Industries. Recycling metal is good for the economy, too. It creates an estimated 36 times more jobs than sending the same amount of metal to the landfill or incinerator.  
  • Appliances, when recycled, reduce the impact on the environment that mining for new resources causes. American households create a high level of waste as it is. And with modern appliances only lasting a few years, it simply does not make sense to toss each old model into the landfill after it has run its course. Plus, if you take your old appliances to a landfill, chances are you’ll be charged a disposal fee. 
  • Unrecycled batteries, especially the large batteries that power golf carts and cars, can leak chemicals into the soil and water supply when deposited into a landfill. Batteries in their whole form can take hundreds of years to break down, and they contaminate our environment all the while. And, much like appliances, you could be charged a disposal fee if you take them to a landfill.

With these items, along with the many other metal items that we process at our Phoenix metal recycling facility, the benefits of recycling are many. Recycling protects the ozone layer and soil, helps keep our water supply clean, reduces waste, cuts down on the amount of natural resources used, and improves the economy. And, to appease your self-fulfilling side, bringing in your items to be recycled also means that you leave with money in your pocket.

Give us a call at 602-267-7208, or click here to look at our online list of recyclable materials, to find out exactly what we can recycle. What better way to observe Earth Day than to allow us to safely process your unwanted, hard-to-dispose-of metal items, and get paid for it? At Davis Salvage we care deeply about our customers and the environment every day of the year.