All college basketball bracket selection aside, the “madness” of March can be pretty tough. You’re possibly still feeling behind from the holidays, the weather is just warm enough to make you procrastinate any ambitious chores, and you’ve got to get your home ready for your annual sun-hungry, out-of-town guests. Or maybe the spring-cleaning bug has bit, but you’re feeling too overwhelmed to get a start. Here is some motivation to get you started, as well as some ideas for how Davis Metals & Salvage can help.

Decluttering can lead to happier family interactions.

When excess items clog open space in the home, it can easily lead to tension. One person blames another for the mess. Your family runs late for an appointment because someone couldn’t find their left shoe, some necessary paperwork, or the car keys. You’re all constantly reminded of your clutter to-do list.

On the contrary, when you commit to clearing away some of your unneeded things, you’re opening the door to clearer thinking, lower stress levels, increased creativity, and better sleep. Plus, when you tackle your excess piles, there’s a good chance that you’ll uncover some long-lost treasures.

Scottsdale metal recycling?

We’re on it. Davis Salvage specializes in taking some of your most unwieldy garage, shed, or basement metal items. After you bring your unwanted metal items to us, they’ll be off your mind, out of your house, and on their way to being properly and responsibly recycled. Whether it’s the grandkids’ old tricycle that you’re finally ready part with, or the unused bed frame in the store room, or the “I-might-need-these-someday” pile of wheels and wiring and pipes on the tool bench, we’re ready to take them off your hands. And, more open space in or around your home means more room for what’s most important to you. (Hello, new art studio/exercise room/playroom!)

It’s barbecue season, and high time to get your outdoor area ready.

For all your Phoenix ornamental metal needs, Davis Salvage has a HUGE selection of decorative and functional metal offerings. Whether you’re after new hinges, fencing, post toppers, castings, hammered tubes or other decorative items, you’ll be amazed at our great selection and wonderful customer service. Even if you’re not sure what exactly you’re looking for, come shop around and get any questions answered by our expert team – you might find items you didn’t even know you needed!

When spring cleaning calls, you want to be ready.

And there’s nothing more frustrating than having to halt a project because you don’t have all the supplies you need. For cleaning jobs of any size, Davis Salvage is proud to offer a variety of quality rags from Toddy’s Towels. Come by to check out our selection of terry cloth, shop rags, cheesecloth, polishing cloths, and more.

With decades of experience in the Phoenix area, we are excited to get to know you and talk about how we can best serve you with your spring cleaning and decluttering needs. Give Davis Metals & Salvage a call or come by for a visit and watch some of your March “madness” stress start to melt away.