Arizona battery recycling

Making a list and checking it twice? Or rather; many, many lists that have been rechecked, revamped, revised, and lengthened? ‘Tis the season. And if a visit to Davis Salvage hasn’t scored a spot in your holiday to-dos yet, we have a few reasons for why it should.  

  1. Those pesky batteries. Let’s face it – Arizona is hard on vehicles. And with the high level of air-conditioner use, your car battery might be due for a replacement. Also, if your golf cart battery doesn’t charge the way it used to, or your power tool batteries don’t have the same amount of oomph they used to, it’s in your best interest to change them out to increase the life span of your vehicle or tools. Bringing your large-item batteries into Davis, your resource for Phoenix battery recycling can make you feel good that you’re disposing of these items in the most responsible way possible. Plus, anything that gets them out of your garage is a double-win.
  2. Those endless gift lists. Does your list of gifts to buy keep growing? You try to budget and plan, but before the holiday season is over, you’ve realized more than a few folks that you accidentally forgot (the bus driver! The administrative assistant! Argh – the hairdresser!), and you end up having to rack up your credit card bill even more. Luckily for you, you’ve likely got some extra cash sitting around your office, garage, shed, or other parts of your home. Unused piping from a recent plumbing project, metal shelving, metal tubing, or old metal kids’ items can easily be exchanged for cash. Simply bring in your items to your Phoenix salvage yard and the friendly folks at Davis will happily take them for recycling, and give you money in exchange. Even if you have a few things that you’re unsure about, go ahead and bring them in to Davis, and we’ll let you know if they’re eligible for recycling with us.
  3. That endless cleaning. You hate wasting money and creating extra trash by using paper towels, but you also hate dirtying up your household towels for cleaning tasks. Plus, with the holidays arriving, there is no shortage of indoor and outdoor cleaning to do. The solution? Davis Salvage carries a variety of cleaning rags, polishing cloths, and more. For any workplace or home cleaning tasks, from the delicate antiques to filthy outdoor rust and mildew, we offer sturdy and high-quality cleaning cloths.  Holiday cleaning is inevitable, and we have the rags you need in terry, cheesecloth, and more.

Davis Salvage has solutions to offer for many of your holiday needs. Curious about how else we can serve you? Give us a call; or better yet, come by for a visit.  We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you’ll find. Our selection of metal items, and the services we offer, can meet your needs for years to come.

Keep Davis Salvage, your local Scrap Yard and Metal Supply in mind this holiday season…

Happy Holidays from all of us at Davis Salvage.