If there’s one thing you know about summertime in Phoenix, it’s that an effective air conditioner and quality windows are must-haves. If either one is poorly-functioning, you’ll have increased electric bills, a less-cool house, and an unhappier household. And unfortunately, it’s possible that either your windows or your A/C unit could be costing you unnecessarily, and you don’t even know it. Since we, as your Phoenix Metal Recycling Center, love to see you save money rather than waste it, we’re happy to offer you some smart ways for you to know whether your windows and air conditioning unit need your attention.

In thinking about your windows, here’s what to watch for:

Their age

If your windows are more than 25-30 years old, chances are they need an upgrade. Windows installed before then are often single-paned, and are therefore much less efficient. Even if they’re dual-paned, know that the ENERGY STAR® program didn’t get underway until 1992, which means that windows installed before then don’t carry the strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Also, older windows may not feature the glazing that keeps out furniture-fading UV rays.

What they let in

Excessive sound, hot air, haboob dust – you want all of that to stay OUT. If your windows are letting some of the unwanted into your home, some newer windows will be a welcome addition.

Their look

Even if your windows work okay, maybe you’ve been dreaming about a double-hung or bay window where your too-small kitchen window currently sits. Changing the size or style of a window or two can make a huge difference in the look and brightness of your home.

Bring your old aluminum windows in to our Phoenix Metal Recycling Center and get paid cash to help off-set some of the costs of your new windows.

With air-conditioners, you have a few telltale signs as well:

Some of your rooms are too hot, some are too cold, and maybe one is just right. Air conditioners that are showing their age will have trouble keeping the temperatures in all rooms balanced.

They make it muggy

Air conditioning units balance both temperature and humidity. Even in our desert state, different rooms in your home can start to feel more humid if your A/C unit isn’t working well.

Their parts wear out

If you’ve had the HVAC repair person out to your home more than a couple of times in the last 6 months, your entire unit might be reaching its end.

They’ve reached the decade mark

Although it may not seem right, the life expectancy of air conditioning units is right at 10 years. Not only do their parts often start to malfunction after that point, but the decade’s worth of dust that has built up in all its parts can pollute your home.

It’s never easy to make the choice to replace the costly items in your home. But in an extreme-heat state like Arizona, you don’t have the choice. Luckily, our Phoenix metal recycling center can take some of that financial burden away. Make sure you bring in your old aluminum windows and old air conditioning unit to Davis Salvage. Not only will we dispose of all their parts in a responsible manner, but we’ll pay you for the recyclable metal. More cool-air efficiency and less money out of your pocket make for a win-win situation. We’re always on your side when it comes to home-maintenance, with our prompt and efficient customer service, competitive metal reimbursement rates, and wide variety of decorative and functional metals. When the time comes to replace your windows or A/C unit, you’ll be so glad you came to Davis, your Phoenix Metal Recycling Center.