You know what season it is? We’re not talking Holiday Season or Shopping Season – it’s Guest Season, of course. Wash the good towels, make up the extra beds, and stock the fridge with snacks, because they’re coming. Living in perpetually-sunny Arizona means that we get to wear flip-flops when much of the rest of the country is shivering in their long underwear. It means the only shoveling we do is in the sand or garden. And it also means that our friends and family members turn their frost-weary eyes in our direction when they’re ready for a little break from their own winter wonderland. 

So, before your living room couch becomes the week-long napping spot for your cousin Eddie, consider taking the following steps:

Make some physical room

Old bed frames, unused filing cabinets, or old window air conditioners that are cluttering up your guest bedrooms could be turned into cash at our Phoenix metal recycling center. Plus, there’s a good chance that your outdoor living space is housing a few metal items that you’re not using anymore. Maybe the spot that’s currently being used by those old bikes, dated aluminum patio furniture, or that broken trampoline could be turned into additional outdoor seating or deck space for nightly dinners with your houseguests.

Make some mental room

Even if your guests will never see it, making some more space in your garage and storage shed can help your whole living space feel more peaceful, and help you feel more relaxed. And when you have people staying with you, a little added relaxation is always welcomed. In case you need some convincing, consider a 2010 study that found that women who have more cluttered spaces, and have unfinished projects in their midst have higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and were more likely to feel fatigued and depressed.  Also, a 2011 study conducted by Princeton found that excess clutter can make it harder to focus on individual tasks due to the visual cortex being overwhelmed by “task-irrevalent” objects, making our attention and productivity suffer. 

If creating more organization and space in your home areas can provide you and your family members with some added peace, relaxation, and focus, why wouldn’t you take that easy step? 

Make it better

Many people use the impending arrival of houseguests as the excuse they need to update their vehicle.  And if you’ve got a clunker to get rid of and have a new car in your sights, remember that Davis Salvage is your go-to Phoenix car recycling center. When you bring in your old automobile, either in whole or in parts, not only can you be assured that it’s being recycled in the most possible responsible way, but you’ll walk away with money that you can put towards your new ride.

Houseguest Season can be filled with joy, love, and fun; as long as you take a few necessary steps before your guests arrive to ensure that your living space is one that promotes peace and relaxation. Davis Salvage can help you with your decluttering and updating efforts, just in time for cousin Eddie.

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