Industrial Metal Goes Decorative

Industrial Metal

So what are you building this month? For whatever industrial metal project you’re working on, chances are you’ve got your metal materials must-have list made and ready to shop from and are ready to head to your industrial metal supply retailer. Much like a seasoned baker who only buys the same few ingredients for their special lemon cake, you know the few items you need, and rarely variate from your tried-and-true list of needed items.

However, there may be a few surprising ways that you can change up your tried-and-true in favor of doing things just a little bit differently, and with a result that’s perhaps a bit more fresh and exciting.

Industrial Metal Piping

The classic go-to for all things plumbing or to protect delicate wires actually has a nearly-endless list of other possible uses. Pinterest pages abound that show metal piping being tastefully used for everything from furniture frames to towel racks, to wine racks and bed frames. We’ve even seen upturned flanges attached to a wall serve as coat hooks. If a home renovation project is on your agenda, consider the classy use of piping in decorative and practical ways.

Industrial Metal Beams

Your choice for retaining walls or building structure construction can boast a more decorative side, too. Many modern homes are choosing to leave the ceiling I-beam exposed. Beams are also often used for the bottom support in benches or tables, as an exposed decorative element in a staircase, and as bookshelves.

Sheet Metal

The star of the show when it comes to rain gutters, automotive bodywork, and roof flashing can have a softer side, too. Steel or copper sheeting, both of which we offer at Davis, can be fashioned into a striking table top, as the interior walls in a shower or bathtub area, or even as a kitchen backsplash. And if your project list includes anything for a child’s room, consider attaching a floor-to-ceiling length of sheet metal to the wall. Bring in some brightly colored letter and number magnets and you’ve got hours of learning and entertainment right at their little fingertips.

And now that the weather is knocking back a few degrees, it’s time to start thinking again about outdoor projects. Metal is showing up nearly everywhere in yard landscaping. If you’re thinking of buying a fire pit, why not build one instead using a band of steel as the outer rim? We’ve also been seeing retaining walls and raised vegetation beds fashioned out of metal sheeting. And if you want to get really creative, play around with building a water feature using cut pieces of I-beam, sheet metal, and piping or tubing. For a ton of inspiration (or just to get overwhelmed by the possibilities), check out these ideas:

We’re confident that you’ll find all of your industrial metal supply needs here at Davis Salvage. We have a vast selection of metals, in an impressively-wide selection of forms. Come on in with your nuts-and-bolts list of practical items, and then shop around awhile to see what might strike your creative side as well.

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