Did you know that not all metals are created equally? You may be familiar with steel, aluminum, and copper, but how much do you know about the element that is both in the earth’s core, and is also deposited on the earth’s surface by meteorites? Nickel remains one of the rarest and most valuable metals in the world. To give you an idea for just how rare nickel is, consider that only roughly 1.4 million tons of new nickel is produced each year, when there are roughly 10 million tons of copper, 64 million tons of aluminum, and 800 million tons of steel produced annually.

Not only is nickel rare, but it’s a high-quality metal that is a good conductor of heat and cold. Nickel is often alloyed with other metals to improve their characteristics. Compared with other materials, metals that contain nickel possess greater toughness, higher resistance to corrosion, and more strength at extreme temperatures. For example, nickel alloyed with stainless steel creates metal often used in aerospace materials and machine parts. When nickel is alloyed with iron, it creates a metal so impenetrable that it’s used for bullet-proof vests, armor plating. Nickel can also be alloyed with copper, chromium, lead, silver, gold, and cobalt to create a wide variety of products from fishing boats, to coins, to gas turbines, and more. In fact, despite its rarity, nickel is used in over 300,000 products for marine, consumer, military, architectural, and aerospace purposes.

As you can imagine, with such a wide range of alloyed metal combinations, nickel recycling in Phoenix requires careful handling. Because the production process to create nickel-based alloys must meet such stringent specifications, recycling of these materials can be costly, and will often be a lengthy and tedious experience for the customer. At Davis Salvage, we make nickel recycling in Arizona easy for you. We do all the configuring, sorting, and weighing, so all you have to do is bring in your nickel alloy materials and we do the rest. And, since nickel is such a rare metal, you’ll walk away with a higher payment for your materials.

As your Phoenix metal recycling center, Davis Salvage takes pride in efficiently and responsibly processing the metal items you bring in for recycling. Whether you bring us your beat-up barbecue grill, or your high-quality pure or alloyed materials, you can be certain that we will pay you a fair return for all your metal goods.

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