Sure, resin figurines of Santa waterskiing and paper plate angels crafted by preschoolers are great, but there’s another kind of ornament that gets us really excited. Ornamental metals are surprisingly important pieces of the look, feel, and safety of your home or commercial space, and Davis Salvage proudly carries over 4000 ornamental metal pieces to meet any need.

Here are a few reasons you should consider shopping our vast selection of these “ornaments”:

  • Your gate hardware is rusted. While seeming harmless and common, rust can actually be dangerous. For one, the oxidation process weakens the metal, rendering it less able to function safely. Also, rust encourages growth of the bacteria that causes tetanus, which can be deadly when it comes in contact with an opening in the skin. Not only that, but if you’ve ever accidentally brushed up against rusty metal, you know it tends to ruin clothing. Davis Salvage carries modern and classic gate hardware in Phoenix that is easy to install and will brighten up your property.
  • Your cabinet hardware is dated. Your drawer pulls and cabinet hinges may escape your notice now, since you’ve likely had them in place for years. However, perhaps it’s time to take a fresh look at the items that physically stick out more than any other feature of your cabinets. The simple act of updating your drawer pulls, door handles, and hinges to a more modern metal or finish can brighten up your kitchen or bathroom space. Come visit us for your Scottsdale cabinet hardware needs, and you’ll be amazed at our selection.
  • Your towel racks or railings need a refresh. Hammered tubing can give your home or commercial space a modern, rustic feel. The beautiful color and texture of our hammered tubing will draw the eye and garner appreciation for your attention to detail.
  • You want to be unique. You make sure that your clothes, your car, and your hairstyle match your unique personality; so why not your fence, gate, and indoor or outdoor railing? With over 4,500 decorative metal products stocked, Davis Salvage can satisfy any taste and style. In fact, we carry the largest selection of balusters, pickets, spears, and finials in the Phoenix area. Have a truly different idea in mind? We can custom order what you’re looking for.

With the intense sun, cold nights, and blowing wind, ornamental metals in Phoenix can take a beating. We hope to have you visit us again and again as you discover all the ways our ornamental metal selection can improve your property. We always welcome a phone call, but we’d love it if you come by to see for yourself what we have to offer.