Have you Caught the Copper Craze?

With its eye-catching shine and ubiquitous presence in one-cent gumball machines everywhere, copper remains a superstar in the metal industry. Not only is the Statue of Liberty covered in nearly 180,000 pounds of copper, but every child born today is expected to use 1500 pounds of it in their lifetime. And if you’re not saving copper to recycle with Davis Metals and Salvage, you’re missing out on a great opportunity.

Here’s why Phoenix copper recycling makes sense, especially when you do it through Davis Metals & Salvage:

More copper = more cash

Copper remains one of the most valuable metals to recycle, yielding the highest return for you from Davis Metals. In fact, copper boasts the highest recycling rate of any engineering metal. And thanks to its standing of being one of the best conductors of electricity (second only to silver), and also its thermal conductivity and malleability, copper is a much sought-after metal in Arizona construction, electronics, and interior design.

Recycling copper is good for the local and national economy

The need for Phoenix copper recycling has never been greater, as the worldwide demand for copper is expected to increase by up to 50 percent over the next 20 years. Not only is the US responsible for processing a large amount of recycled copper, but Arizona in particular is one of a small handful of states with concentrated copper production. For the Sun Valley state, recycling copper secures jobs, provides growth, and helps bolster the economy.

The environment will thank you

Copper is a non-renewable resource. This means that the amount of copper our planet has now is the most we’ll ever have. As grim and serious as that statement is, there is a silver (rather, copper) lining. Copper is 100% recyclable, and it retains up to 90% of its value after recycling. Recycling copper is also highly efficient, using up to 90% less energy and natural resources than creating copper from mined virgin ore. So while our supply of copper is limited, its recycling options are, quite literally, endless.

One word of note about recycling copper: because of its high return value, copper remains vulnerable to theft. When customers bring in their Arizona copper recycling matter to Davis Metals and Salvage, we will take every precaution to ensure that the metal was obtained ethically and legally. Knowing that the typical American home contains hundreds of pounds of copper within wiring, appliances, plumbing, and design, we encourage our customers who use copper in their Arizona construction or Arizona design projects to safely monitor and secure your copper materials.

We encourage you to be a part of the Arizona copper craze by working with us to gather and recycle your copper. We promise we will offer a fair payback rate to you, and handle your job, no matter the size, with professionalism, efficiency, and care.