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Where to Find Scrap Metal?

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At Davis Salvage we take pride in not only being your Mesa and Phoenix metal supplier, but also in being your go-to place for scrap metal recycling. Bring in your unwanted metal items, and you help prevent it from ending up in a landfill, and you walk away with cash in hand. However, aside from perusing your own garage and shed for metal items to recycle, are you curious about other ways and places to find scrap metal? We’ve got a few fresh ideas on how to get your hands on more scrap metal to recycle, and more money in your pocket.

Craigslist or local neighborhood online communities

You can use these valuable sites in two ways. First, search for various metal items such as bikes, appliances, car parts, and more – all of which might need repair that people may be giving away for free. Second, you can post your own ad (for Craigslist, try the “labor/move” tab of the Services section), volunteering to pick up unwanted metal items. Oftentimes people will gladly accept your offer to pick up their junk, while you’ll gladly accept the money for recycling it. Be prepared to refresh and repost your ad often, however, as metal recycling can be a competitive hobby.

Construction sites

Let’s be clear – you should never simply help yourself to items on or near a construction site, even in a dumpster. Take things without permission, and you’re looking at a real possibility getting in trouble for theft and trespassing. However, if you can establish a partnership with the contractor or the construction company, they might welcome your free haul-away services. Also, due to the high rate of theft from construction sites, it might be a good idea to get a bill of sale or receipt from the construction manager for the items you take to recycle.

Nursing homes or assisted living facilities

Pay a visit to your local facility and offer your haul-away services to the director. Between unusable walkers, wheelchairs, kitchen equipment, and hospital beds, these facilities can be a scrap metal goldmine. Bonus points if, while you’re there, you spend a few minutes chatting with the residents, too.

Shooting ranges

Yes, you read that right. The brass shells can be collected and recycled. Be sure to arrange this with the manager, and see if you can schedule a regular pick-up schedule.

Your DIY neighbor

Is the family next door is tearing out their above-ground aluminum pool, their fencing, or replacing their air conditioner? Is the guy across the street a weekend-warrior-mechanic, replacing parts on his car? Why not see if they’d like you to take the old items off their hands? And if you put the word out to several neighbors, you might end up getting more scrap metal offers than you ever anticipated.

Now it is time to get paid cash for your Scrap Metal…

As your Phoenix metal supplier and metal recycler, Davis Salvage is excited to partner with you for all of your metal purchases or sales. We invite you to stop by our Phoenix or Mesa Scrap Yards, or give us a call at (602) 267-7208, to discuss any of your metal purchase or recycling questions. Happy scrapping!

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