Feeling De-Fence-less?

“Good fences make good neighbors” or so the 1914 poem “Mending Wall” by Robert Frost goes.

And if you live in a neighborhood, you know how very true this is. You like your neighbors just fine, but we’re guessing that they seem much easier to live with when you’ve got a firm boundary between the two of you. With this in mind, why is it that so many homeowners allow their fences to decay to a point of disrepair? We’ve seen fences being held up with wedged 2×4’s, gaping bottoms amended by cement blocks, and entire brick wall sections crumbling. If it’s time for you to get a new fence, we encourage you to consider metal fencing for your residential yard or business. And as your Phoenix metal fence supply source, Davis Salvage is ready to address all of your fencing questions and needs.

Better security

Consider that by their design, chain link and wooden fences practically have built-in ladders. If you’re seeking a little more security, and a few fewer neighborhood orange-pickers, metal fence panels could be the way to go. They’re harder to scale as they are, and become even more so with some of our decorative metal finials, spears, and pickets to adorn the tops of your railings.

Low maintenance

Wouldn’t you love to have a fence that requires virtually no maintenance or upkeep? Wooden fences require regular staining, and brick fences require masonry for any loose or crumbling areas. Metal fencing is low maintenance by its nature, and in our dry climate it is virtually work-free. Simply do a thorough inspection of your entire fence every 3 months or so to look for any rusting or chipping. If you do see a small area that needs repair, those problems are easy to fix.

Looks beautiful

The metal panel fencing found at our Phoenix metal fence supply yard compliments any landscaping, and provides a pleasing sharp contrast to the earth tones that are prominent in many Arizona yards.

Its rackability rocks

Metal panel fencing is rackable, meaning it can adjust to sloping or uneven ground. If your yard’s peaks and valleys have been a source of stress in previous landscaping endeavors, then metal fencing might be a welcomed solution.

It’s budget-friendly

We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the relatively low cost of metal fencing, when compared to wooden or brick options. And once properly and professionally installed, your out-of-pocket costs for upkeep will be virtually nonexistent. 

We invite you to call 602-267-7208 or come by one of our yards to look at and discuss with us the options we offer for metal fencing. We have a wide assortment of fencing options, fence toppers, hinges and gate hardware, and other ornamental metal items. Our family-run business looks forward to getting to know you, your family, and how we can best serve you.