Earth Day in May?

Yes, we know it’s already been a week since people all over the country celebrated our beloved planet on Earth Day, but at Davis Salvage we like to keep the celebration going strong for as long as possible. After all, at our Phoenix salvage yard, the theme of Earth Day is pretty much what we’re all about.  And if you’re still feeling Earth-happy too, we thought you might be interested in just how Davis Salvage espouses the principles of “reduce, reuse, renew, and recycle” while passing along value and great customer service to you.


For one, at our Phoenix scrapyard we pride ourselves on reducing the amount of waste that ends up in local landfills. This is significant, because our country’s landfills are filling up rapidly, causing more open land to be claimed by creating new ones. By accepting your used metal items, we are significantly reducing the amount of non-compostable and non-decomposable debris that would otherwise be discarded and unusable. 

Also, we specialize helping you to reduce the amount of metal junk in your home or business. We love it when customers bring in their unwanted bicycles, car parts, trampolines, file cabinets, or air conditioners, surprised and delighted that they can actually earn cash for their unused items.

Lastly, we can help you reduce the amount of metal you buy, thanks to our on-site cutting stations. No more buying more than what you need, and paying too much.


Bringing new life to old metal is what we do. Have some old sheet metal left over from a commercial building project? It could be part of a modern and chic wall covering in a home. And you know those old metal wheels that have been taking up space in your garage? They can be used as is, or else melted down and repurposed for something new. Bringing in your metal items to Davis to be renewed or reused can have a dramatically smaller environmental impact, saving the resources and energy to create a new item, materials for packaging, fuel for transportation, and more. On that note, while you’re here dropping off your items, be sure to take a stroll through our metal goods selection for a treasure you’ve been looking for, too.


Did you know a tremendous amount of energy can be saved by recycling metals versus creating new products from virgin ore? Recycling steel saves up to 56% energy, copper saves up to 88%, and aluminum saves up to a whopping 92%. This is partially because the metals have already been refined and processed, so less energy is needed to create a recycled product.  That’s not all; recycling one ton of steel can save 1400 pounds of coal, 2500 pounds of iron ore, and 120 pounds of limestone. And while you may not have a ton of steel lying around to recycle, even your smaller metal items, when recycled, can have a significant environmental impact.

Earth Day is a good reminder to be mindful of the waste we create, and ways we can save energy, other natural resources, and landfill space. We thank you for coming alongside us in our quest to live out the Earth Day R’s (reduce, reuse, renew, and recycle) every day of the year.

Come down to Davis Salvage to Recycle your metal, or search through our inventory of new and used metals for your next project. Visit us at our Phoenix or Mesa Locations.