The Early Bird Gets it DONE – Davis Salvage Your Phoenix Salvage Yard

March in Arizona is a beautiful thing. We get to enjoy sunny skies while other parts of the country are stuck in a holding pattern of maddening snowstorms. We get a jump start on planting veggies when gardening fans in other states have to satisfy themselves with dog-eared seed catalogues and daydreams of sprouting seeds. And the yearly spring cleaning tasks? We get a head start on that, too. March is the time to clean up, clean out, minimize, and simplify. At our Phoenix salvage yard we love this time of year, and we wanted to share some of the best spring cleaning tips we’ve found.

  1. Show us the metal. Chances are that, throughout the last year or two, you’ve accumulated a few things around your home that you could do to part with. Visit our Phoenix Salvage Yard and bring in the beat-up bike, the replaced air-conditioner, the broken ladder, and unwanted filing cabinets, and then marvel at how wonderful the newly-emptied space in your home feels.
  2. Use it up. Since we’re all about recycling and repurposing, we love the idea of using household items to help you with your spring cleaning. For example, old squares of carpet remnants make effective window screen cleaners. Also, those plain-Jane dryer sheets can be an effective grime-repelling dust cloth, a scum-busting shower door cleaner, and even a mosquito repellant when tucked into a back pocket. And if your college t-shirt has finally met its end, add a few years to its life by turning it into extra-soft cleaning rags. Your light fixtures and spotty walls will benefit from your glory days uniform (not including the beer goggles, of course).
  3. Vinegar . . . yes, really. Vinegar has been shown to inhibit mold growth, kill many household germs, and – bonus – won’t harm the airways of you and your family in its wake.  What else can you find that’s strong enough to tackle your bathroom floor, yet gentle enough to wash your produce? And all for a mere few dollars for a gallon? Yes, please.
  4. Let the DW do it. Who has time to hand-wash fussy light globes? Or the patience to chip away at stubborn stains on soap dishes and toothbrush holders? Your dishwasher’s got it under control.  In fact, it may just be the most underutilized appliance in your home. It can even tackle dusty figurines, makeup brushes, hair bands, tools, and dog toys. 
  5. Make it manageable. In our opinion, half-done jobs are worse than jobs never started at all. Stay away from living with half-washed windows and partly-done projects. Allow yourself to set small enough goals, say one room at a time, to feel successful and productive.  

At Davis Salvage your Phoenix Salvage Yard we want to help you make your spring season the best and healthiest it can be. Not only will we take your unwanted items off your hands (and pay you money to do so), but we can also offer high-quality cleaning rags, as well as some new and exciting metal décor pieces to give your home a little bit of spice and change. And then, come April and May, while the rest of the nation is hard at work doing their own spring cleaning tasks, we Arizona folks will be pool-side, while enjoying a living space that’s fresh, clean, and free of unwanted items.

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