Owning a construction business in Arizona can be a two-sided experience; on one hand there seems to be construction happening everywhere, all the time. Roads and buildings seem to constantly be in some state of demolition or creation. On the other hand, a high frequency of construction jobs also means a high number of other construction businesses vying for customers.

As a construction business owner, how do you stand out in a crowd from your competitors? How do you win jobs and make your business the most successful it can be? Well, we’ve learned a lot in the last 60 years of working closely with those in the construction field, and here are a few of our favorite tips.

Get people talking.

Even with social media and business-rating websites, we’ve found that word of mouth continues to be the most effective form of advertising. Consider offering incentives to current or past clients for referring new customers to you.

And then exceed expectations.

Unfortunately, contractors can have a bad reputation of tardiness and dishonesty. If you excel at authenticity, communication and timeliness, you’ll be valued from the start. Also, encourage your employees to leave an immaculate job site at each day’s end. A pile of scraps and empty soda can may not be a big deal to you, but it can leave your customers worrying about sloppy work.

Brag on your integrity.

In this age of environmental awareness, utilizing Davis Salvage as your Scottsdale metal recycling center can make you a winner in the eyes of potential customers. Because we responsibly recycle metal piping, sheeting, wires, and appliances, and in turn produce superior-quality materials, your customers will feel good about doing business with YOU because of your business with US.

Build a winning team.

And don’t be afraid to let go of workers who don’t make the cut. The employees who work on the job site each day are the true faces of your construction company. Sure, you may have wooed customers with your own knowledge and customer service, but it’s those who are physically completing the job that customers will remember. Manners count, as does thorough knowledge and experience. It can take time to build the just-right team, but it’s worth it.

Be cost-savvy to a point.

Sure, you want to spend less money on your project, but not at the expense of pristine work. One way to help justify springing for higher-quality materials is knowing that you can bring in your metal scraps to your Phoenix metal recycling center, Davis Salvage. You can enjoy a little windfall at the end of your job when you recycle with us. Plus, you can offer your customers the service of taking any old appliances, bikes, metal window frames, or other unwanted metal or steel pieces off their hands. Great service, more money for you, plus satisfied customers? It’s a Davis win-win.

You want to stand out in a congested field of construction workers. Using these ideas can enable you to gain, and keep, the business you want. Come by and visit our Mesa and Phoenix metal supply company and explore all the reasons why Davis Salvage could be your very best business partner.