Break Out the Good Towels

If you’ve lived in Phoenix for a while, then you know that November is when we shine. While other parts of the country are bracing themselves for months of wet and frigid weather, we’re settling in for 6 months of wonderfully warm days, just-cool-enough nights, and plenty of sun. You know who else has their eyes on Arizona this time of year? Your out-of-town relatives and friends, of course. Chances are that whether it be for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or just a long weekend, you’re likely to host some sun-starved loved ones this winter.

As a third generation family-owned and family-run business, we know that things can get a little more hectic and busy when relatives are in the mix. However, by taking a few simple steps now, you can help make sure that this time with your loved ones goes as smoothly as possible.

Clean it out.

If you’ve been putting off cleaning out that shed or garage, use the motivation of impending guests help you to get it done now. Turn into a human metal detector and gather up the metal junk that’s been lurking around. Bring your unusable bikes, wheels, metal fencing, ladders, appliances, bed frames, and much more to Davis, your one stop metal shop. Your guests are bound to choose to spend time outside, and having your outdoor areas removed of unwanted items will make everyone feel a little more relaxed and peaceful.

Clean it up.

November is also a time when many Phoenix homeowners tackle home maintenance projects. Luckily, with a stock of over 4,500 ornamental and decorative metal items, your one stop metal shop can help you here, too. Whether you need to replace hinges, fencing, or are looking to jazz up your outdoor space with metal décor, we’ve got what you need. Feeling pride in your home will actually help you to have a more comfortable and happier time with your guests, too.

Plan some fun, but keep expectations low.

Start looking at websites that list events and entertainment for the days your out-of-towners will be there. One we like is which includes links to several different pages. However, be open to the idea that they may just want to read on your sunny porch and enjoy lazy strolls while they’re here, instead. With a little flexibility and communication you can all help plan a vacation that suits everyone.

Do just a little extra.

Know their beloved breakfast cereal or tea? Stock the kitchen with a few of their favorites. Also, consider supplying their room and bathroom with a softly scented candle and matches (adults only, of course), a delicious-smelling body wash or hand soap, plenty of accessible towels, and a few magazines.

With just a little planning and action on your part now, your “guest season” can be a relaxing and enjoyable time for you and your loved ones. And while Davis is proud to serve as your Phoenix one stop metal shop, you never know – we just may also be able to share a few pieces of family advice, as well.