It’s been easy to ignore or explain away your household’s recent decrease in hot water supply; it’s been colder here in Arizona. My kid has been taking longer showers. It’s natural to lose some hot water  capacity as the house ages. Those noises coming from the hot water heater tank add to the charm of the house.

In actuality, there are many warning signs that could clue you into the fact that your hot water heater is on its last leg, and that it’s time to bring it in to Davis Salvage for scrap metal recycling.

  1. Age matters. As hard as this may be to believe, the average lifespan for a hot water heater is only between 8 and 12 years. If your heater is pushing appliance retirement age, investing in a new one may end up making a huge difference in your bathing, dishwashing, and more.
  2. The noise. Those clunks and sputters you’ve grown accustomed to are not normal, and shouldn’t be a part of your household noises. The noises you hear may be caused by sediment that builds up over time inside your heater, and gets stirred up when you use it. You may be able to get a temporary fix by getting your hot water heater flushed, but if it’s showing any additional signs of aging, beware.
  3. The color. If your water starts to take on a colored hue, you could have a rusty hot water heater. Although steel is tough, once a spot of rust appears in the tank, pipes, inlet, or valve, it’s just a matter of time before the rust spreads and renders your hot water heater unusable.
  4. The water. Specifically any water that might appear on the floor beneath the hot water heater. Leaks below your heater could be an age-related problem and are often caused by metal expansion in the tank. Expansion is a natural result of many years of repeated hot water cycles traveling through your heater. One way to tell if your leak is metal expansion, versus ill-fitting parts, is that you’ll only be able to see leaks only during or after hot water is used.

Once you determine that you need a new hot water heater replacement, you’ll want to determine if you need a conventional, tankless, or a hybrid, and how big of a heater your household requires. Also, as handy as you might be, we strongly encourage you to have a professional handle the installation. 

When your old hot water heater is removed, be sure and keep it aside to bring in to Davis Salvage. We are happy to provide Phoenix hot water heater recycling. Simply bring it by our Arizona metal recycling center, wait while it gets assessed and weighed, and leave with money in your pocket. 

Needing to replace your hot water heater can be stressful, but doing so when it’s time can save you and your family a lot of headache, a mess to clean up, and quite a few cold showers.