Around Here, We Celebrate Every Day

April always holds a special place for us here at Davis Metals and Salvage.

Fairytale-like weather aside, getting to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd is like the icing on our eco-friendly cake. Safeguarding our natural resources and recycling a dizzying number of metal items are more than just hot-button trends to us; it’s what we’ve done for over five decades and will continue to do for years to come. In fact, our Phoenix family business was built on environmentally sound processes long before they were the norm. Here are just a few ways that becoming a Davis Metals customer can make you an Earth Day hero, too.

You’ll limit the depletion of natural resources.

Our earth’s ore and natural metal reserves are finite; once they’re gone, they’re gone. Conversely, recycling 2000 pounds of metal of conserves 2500 pounds of iron ore, nearly 1500 pounds of coal, and over 100 pounds of limestone. So just the simple act of bringing your Arizona metal waste to Davis is doing the world a world of good.

You can enjoy our one-stop shop.

Tired of wasting gas on multiple errands? When it comes to Phoenix metals, we do it all. You can drop off your Arizona metal recycling, shop for Scottsdale cabinet hardware and ornamental metals, pick up the metal construction material you need, arrange for Phoenix dumpster service, and even walk out with high-quality cleaning rags. Fewer stops leads to less driving and hassle for you, and less car pollution.

Shop locally.

Speaking of conserving gas, shopping at small businesses like Davis Metals and Salvage helps employ people locally. And when one business thrives in a community, it’s more likely that others will, too. This leads to shorter commutes and less air pollution, and can only make our state economy stronger.

You’ll help more than just landfills.

Many appliances contain chemicals that are hazardous (think CFC, chlorine, refrigerant, lead, hydrofluorocarbon, and more). And when appliances get disposed of in landfills, these chemicals are leached out, wreaking havoc on the air, water, and soil. At Davis, our team of experts extracts and safely processes all appliance chemicals, leaving no risk or harm to the environment. By bringing your Phoenix metal appliances to Davis for recycling, you’re helping to upkeep the integrity and safety of our precious resources.

We’re proud to be staunch supporters of earth-friendly measures. Earth Day isn’t just a brief, yearly observance for us; it’s been our way of life for over 5 decades. We hope to see you soon at Davis Metals and Salvage, where Earth Day trends are our daily practice.