Aluminum – It’s Come a Long Way While Staying Just the Same

In Sun Valley construction, builders are increasingly turning to aluminum as a smart alternative to other types of metal. Davis Salvage and Metals has long valued aluminum for a variety of reasons, and we pride ourselves on carrying a wide selection of aluminum metal for sale, as well as practicing sound aluminum recycling standards. And even though you and your Phoenix construction company might be familiar with this versatile metal, perhaps we can teach you a few things.

Light but mighty

Aluminum has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. For you this means a lot of bang for your buck. A metal that is lighter to transport, and easier to put in place, but that can support a lot of weight is a valuable commodity.

Green and clean

The demand for environmentally-friendly structures has never been greater, which is why aluminum is the rising superstar in construction projects. Aluminum available today is composed of about 50-85% recycled materials. Aluminum itself is 100% recyclable, and loses none of its properties in the recycling process. And recycling aluminum uses only 5% of the energy used to make new aluminum from ore. 
Aluminum also has high reflexivity, allowing Arizona buildings to require less money and electricity to keep cool. Using aluminum can help drastically reduce the carbon footprint of a building.

You’ll love it forever

Another virtue of aluminum is that it’s among the most enduring metals. While other metals may crack or deteriorate, aluminum is known to stay airtight, keep its luster, and withstand all kinds of weather, including hot, dry and windy. Aluminum is so widely touted as a prized metal of choice, that the steel beams in the Empire State Building were replaced with aluminum in the 1990’s.

It even looks nice

Aluminum is receptive to aesthetically-pleasing building projects. It takes well to polishing, and can be dyed any color after the anodizing process. It can be finished with a brushed look, an antique-inspired corroded look, or be reflective. Customers are increasingly asking for aluminum in everything from air conditioners and radiators, to solar panels and lighting, to accessibility modifications and elevators. According to the Aluminum Extruders Council, “the potential for growth in extruded aluminum use for LED light fixtures/housings in all markets is virtually limitless.”

At Davis Metals and Salvage we can meet all of your aluminum needs no matter the size of your order. And, with recently acquiring even more trucks, more staff, and more high-performing equipment to assist you, we can fulfill your aluminum order more quickly than ever. We encourage you to give us a call, or stop by our sales center, to experience the extent of our Phoenix aluminum supply. Davis Metals has been a Phoenix metal supply mainstay for decades, and we will continue to grow with changing customer needs for decades to come.

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