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We Want to “Metal” with your Home Décor

Do you have renovation-itis?  While your family watches TV at night, do you dreamily peruse marble and granite counter tops online?  Is your sole purpose for taking a walk around the block to check out your neighbors’ yards and houses for inspiration for your own projects?  Is your favorite fall reading material a home design magazine?

Fall happens to be the perfect time to tackle those house and yard projects you’ve been putting off all summer.  And if you have come down with a serious case of renovation-itis, our scrapyard has the fix you need.

Whether you’re going for a cool and classic motif, or else something that’s just a little edgier and different, we’ve got some great ideas.

For the yard:

Using large steel plates as an accent border for a corner of your yard, or as a retaining wall for the xeriscape project you’ve been planning can introduce a classy, unique, and interesting element to your outdoor area.  Play-a-round with mixing up copper, steel, and stainless steel pieces.  This is an especially effective solution for the hard-to-fit area of your yard, as we will happily measure and cut pieces of any size for your decorating needs.  

When was the last time you replaced your gate hardware?  Or the fence around the swimming pool?  Feel like jazzing up your pool handrails?  From ornate to simple, our scrapyard has the ornamental hardware to fit the style you’re after.  

For the kitchen:

Using stainless steel sheets as the surface for your kitchen island or countertops is a hot design trend for a cool, clean kitchen look. 

Don’t forget to update the hinges and pulls on your cabinets and drawers.  You’ll be amazed at the difference this one small change can make in the feel of your kitchen.  

For the living room:

Planning a fireplace makeover?  Instead of the traditional stone or brick, consider large “tiles” of stainless steel, with rivets in each corner, from floor to ceiling.  Play with adding different elements, like a wooden mantle and green plants, and you’ve got a modern, unique, elegant living room you’ll be proud of. 

Alternately, you could add in metal elements to your décor on a smaller scale.  With a few measured cuts, custom prepared by us, and some welding know-how, you could be the owner of a set of stylish nesting end tables.  Each table requires just three metal tiles welded together to make the sides and top.  Make each a little smaller or bigger than the last one, and they’ll nest together when you don’t need all of them. 

Chances are, if you’ve got loved ones living out of state, they’ve got Arizona in mind as a must-visit escape from their snow and ice.  If you’re expecting snow-bird visitors, now is the time to freshen up your yard and home décor with some exciting, unique, and sophisticated touches of copper, stainless steel, or ornamental metals.  Come by and see us, and we can talk about your ideas and metal needs.  And if you have something in mind and we don’t carry it, we can easily order other items and have them ready for you to pick up. 

One visit to our scrapyard will have your DIY design wheels spinning. Visit us today at one of our two locations:
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