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Top 5 Reasons Why You Might Need a Dumpster

Sure, you see dumpsters outside of commercial buildings and in alleyways, and maybe occasionally in front of a property that is undergoing a MAJOR renovation.  But in your neighborhood on a regular basis?  Probably not.   Most people tend to think of roll off rental for their metal debris as an extravagant expense, and usually don’t even consider it an option for regular use.  Instead, many opt to pay their waste removal company additional fees to take their high-volume or bulky metal items (if the companies will even agree to take them), or else hang onto their waste material, depositing small amounts into their regular trash bins for pickup each week, neither of which is ideal.  At Davis Salvage, as your source for Phoenix area dumpster rentals, we’d like to try and change how you think about dumpster rental in Phoenix. 

We have the top 5 reasons why you would be well-served by renting a dumpster, whether you realized it or not.

  1. Your home renovation – Sure, you plan to merely replace the fencing around your pool.  However, as is often the case with home renovation projects, a small project can easily multiply, leading to a lot of metal debris that needs to be recycled.  You might be tempted to let the pile of old fencing and scraps sit in your yard, adding them bit by bit into your weekly trash load.  However, from our experience, a fixit project is so much more satisfying when you can get the entire job completed and cleaned up right away.  Plus, with the different sizes of dumpsters we offer, we’re sure to have one that fits your needs.
  2. The neighborhood garage sale – We love garage sales.  The feeling you get when you pay minimally for what you believe to be a treasure just can’t be beat.  Plus, as a garage sale host, getting paid for your old stuff is pretty great.  And as you comb through storage areas and sheds, searching for items to be sold, you’re sure to find a few metal items that need to be recycled, such as old bikes, window frames, wheels, or barbecues.  Same goes for all your neighbors, too.  Why not join together and rent a couple of neighborhood dumpsters the day after the big sale?  
  3. Moving day – You know you have plenty in your home to clean out, and you definitely don’t want to pack it up and schlep it to your new home.  Nor do you have time to make several trips to the salvage yard.  Having a dumpster, in whatever size you need, conveniently parked on your driveway can make the packing and moving so much less stressful.  And, with fewer unwanted metal items in your possession, you can make a genuinely clean start in your new home.
  4. Family coming … or going – Whether family is coming to stay with you, or else if you have a kid going off to college in the fall, we’re guessing that you have more than a little bit of stuff to sort through and get rid of.  Unwanted metal items can accumulate quickly, and a roll off dumpster can be an invaluable addition to any sorting and packing that needs to be accomplished to accommodate a family arrival or departure.
  5. Do you own a business? – Sponsoring a “metal recycling day” for a local neighborhood in your market area can be effective advertising, and is sure to win a few customers and fans.  Be sure to advertise the event well with neighborhood signage and on online neighborhood websites.  Also, the day of the event, don’t forget to have your company’s name and logo front and center and prominent.  “Swag bags”, with your business card, a description of your service, and maybe a few goodies, will be a welcome takeaway for potential customers. 

Davis Salvage wants to be your Phoenix Metal Recycling source for roll off dumpster rentals.  We offer a variety of sizes, affordable pricing, and top-notch customer service.  We look forward to talking with you soon about how we can serve your Phoenix dumpster rental needs.

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