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Your New Year’s Resolutions – We’ve Got Them Covered

Here at Davis Salvage, we love the excitement of a new year starting.  A brand new year can help us to think about areas in our lives that could use some improvement.  And if you’re a fan of the “out with the old, in with the new” mentality, then chances are you’ve got a few New Year’s resolutions on your list that you’re excited to tackle.  At our Phoenix recycling center, believe it or not, we can actually help you to meet your New Year’s goals.  Wondering how?  Here are 5 of the top New Year’s resolutions from last year, and just how Davis can help.

Get fit/lose weight. 

Ahh, the classic resolution, made so prominently crucial after a month of overindulging in holiday treats.  Did you know that organizing and cleaning out areas of your home can significantly aid you in your get-healthy efforts?  If your living environment is cluttered and chaotic, you can feel weighed down and unmotivated.  Clearing out excess or unused items can clear your mind, lessen your stress level, and make it much easier to focus on your health-centered goals.  We’ve got all sizes of dumpsters available for rent, making your big clean-out project much easier.  Plus, chances are that you’ve got a neighbor or two who might want to split the roll-off service.  (Bonus: cleaning up and cleaning out happens to be a great workout.  Win-win!)

Keep home clean and organized.

 Once you’ve tackled #1 on this list, keeping organized will be so much easier.  As far as the nitty-gritty task of scrubbing and wiping?  We’ve got you covered with quality cleaning cloths.  Whether you favor terry-cloth towels or polishing rags, we have a wide selection of cleaning cloths available.  Plus, if you’ve ever had your best guest towels used by the kids for cleaning up grape juice, you know the value of having a large quantity of cleaning cloths accessible to the whole family.

Spend less, save more.

When you bring in your items to be recycled at Davis, you’ll leave with a little extra money, which is always welcome.  Consider a special “recycled” savings account, where always you deposit the funds you get from us.  If you bring in recyclables on a regular basis, it can add up to a nice savings.  And considering the huge range of items we accept for recycling, you’ll always be able to find something lying around to bring in.

Learn something new.

Why not try your hand at a small renovation project involving ornamental metals?  If you’ve never changed out your gate hardware or the hinges on your doors, 2017 might be the perfect time to learn how.  Browse our ornamental metal selection, pick out what you like, and you’ll be surprised at how new hardware can spruce up your doors, gates, or cabinets.

Enjoy life to the fullest.

When you bring in items to be recycled, you’re not only creating a cleaner space in your home, or making a little extra money, but you’re doing something even more important.  You’re doing your part to protect the environment.  Rather than tossing your items to the curb to be deposited in the rapidly-filling landfills, you’re choosing the healthier, more responsible choice of allowing them to be recycled and re-purposed.  This peace of mind can definitely help you enjoy your life, and your loved ones, just a little more.

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