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HVAC Equipment Recycling

HVAC Equipment Recycling

If you’ve lived in Arizona for longer than just a few months, you know by now what your must-haves for summer are: cold drinks, sunscreen, sandals, maybe access to a swimming pool, and above all: a well-working air conditioner.  In our desert state, homes and businesses often have to run the air conditioning unit 24 hours a day, for several days in a row, and it’s bound to give out every now and then.  When that happens to you in your home or business, and you’re faced with purchasing a new unit, the question arises of what to do with your old, non-working HVAC equipment.  Should you dispose of it in your home garbage bins or business’ dumpster?  Should you try to sell the working parts?  It can be tempting to do either one of these, but it’s truly not the best way to dispose of your HVAC parts.

At Davis Salvage we are proud to offer HVAC equipment recycling to our neighbors in the Phoenix area, and feel that recycling is the all-around best way to dispose of your unusable air conditioner unit.  Here are a few very good reasons why:

  • Put it out with the rest of your garbage on trash day: break the law.  Did you know that it is actually illegal to throw away an air conditioner?  A/C units (and dehumidifiers, for that matter) contain a refrigerant called hydro chlorofluorocarbon.  This is a nasty ozone-depleting substance that, if released into the environment, can contribute to climate change.  
  • You’re probably not too happy with the amount of money you’re going to need to pay for a new unit, right?  By bringing your HVAC equipment to us for recycling, not only are you making it easy on yourself, but you’ll be able to walk away with some more money in your pocket; either for yourself or for your business.  Think of it as a welcomed advance to put toward your new air conditioner.  (Bonus tip: before you bring it in, scour the garage or shed for any other metal or aluminum items that can be recycled, and bring those in, too.)
  • You don’t want your old HVAC equipment sitting around on your property.  Because the refrigerant contained in air conditioners can leak out, you should bring in your old unit to Davis Salvage for HVAC Equipment Recycling as soon as possible after it has been replaced.
  • Recycling with Davis is just so easy.  Because we do the hard work for you of making sure federal guidelines are met and state laws are followed, all you need to do is bring us your a/c unit and forget about it.  Because, really, you’ve got more important things to think about.  Such as making sure your family or employees are cool and comfortable while the Arizona temperature soars.

If you’re about to invest in new HVAC equipment, central heating equipment, or a furnace, we encourage you to call us at 602-267-7208 to discuss HVAC Equipment Recycling of your old units.  You, your wallet, and the environment will all be a little better off for it.

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