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The Big Holiday Clean-Out – Take it to your metal recycling center

 Ahhh, the holidays. This is always a lovely, and busy, time of year, even here at our Phoenix scrapyard and metal recycling center.  Most likely your next couple of weeks will be filled by time with loved ones, a party invitation or two, and plenty of shopping trips.  As busy as you are, we’d like to encourage you add the cleaning out of your shed or garage to your already-lengthy to-do list.  Although it may seem crazy to add this chore into the holiday mix, it actually is a great idea, and here are a few reasons why:

  • You’ve have to make room.  If you have little ones (or if they’re already-almost-grown “little” ones), their Santa-delivered treasures tend to take up some space.  Chances are you’ve got their old bikes or a broken trampoline lying around that you’d love to clear out.   Or what about your own “toys?”  That barbeque grill that no longer works, the safety-hazard broken aluminum ladder, or even that unused metal filing cabinet can all hit the road.  Davis Salvage accepts all of these items and more for recycling.  Peace of mind at not filling a landfill with your old bedframe and metal shelving and making room for this year’s new treasures?  That’s a win-win.  (FYI: Davis Salvage also accepts metal household appliances.  Sayonara, leaky dishwasher!)
  • More holiday cash for YOU.  Who wouldn’t like to score a little more money this time of year?  The fact that Davis Salvage will pay you for the scrap metal items you bring in is a great reason to do a big holiday clean-out.  If you’re like most people, you can often come up a little short in your finances, trying to buy just the right presents for your beloved family and friends.  Plus, there are always the extra gifts and money to give that you didn’t plan on (the neighbor who drops by with an unexpected present – yikes!).  And you’d love to give to those who make your life easier throughout the year, such as teachers, sanitation workers, or your mail carrier.  Not to mention the charities you admire who rely on donations.  You can earn the little extra money you need simply by bringing in the stuff you don’t need!
  • The beauty of a clutter-free space.  You know that feeling of peace you get when you walk into a room that’s just been cleaned out and organized?  Even if it’s a lesser-used space like a shed or garage, you’ll feel surprisingly calmer and happier with fewer items cluttering it up.  A recent study by the University of California found that the presence of clutter in a home can be related to consistently higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol.  You and your family members could be feeling a constantly higher level of stress, just because of the extra items you have lying around. 

This month is a perfect time to bring in your unused metal items to our Phoenix metal recycling center.  Take advantage of our beautiful December Arizona weather and tackle your clean-out project.  It could mean a little more money, a cleaner living space, and a healthier and happier frame of mind for you and your family.  

Wondering what items we accept, and how our recycling center works?  Give us a call at 602-267-7208, and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions. 

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